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The Ott’rageous Cookie Co. at Goshen Farmers’ Market 🛒💳

The Ott’rageous Cookie Co. at Goshen Farmers’ Market 🛒💳

The Ott’rageous Cookie Co. at Goshen Farmers’ Market 🛒💳

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Who We Are

We are a home-based cookie company making a variety of fresh-baked cookies (currently 10 flavors). Our cookies are made with pure butter, pure extracts, and ingredients found in most kitchens.

We like cookies to be more…fun (see: Ott’rageous).

Flavors like Lemon White Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, or Kit Kat. We also bake more traditional cookie flavors like Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, or Oatmeal Cranberry with White Chocolate.

Our Story

Ray Otte started baking and selling cookies in January 2005, as a means to make extra money to support his young family. He was attending college full time, and he made his first sale in the college commons lower lobby. 88 chocolate chip cookies sold out (to mostly the basketball team) in 20 minutes. He knew his cookies were special.

Circumstance would force him to leave school that very year, and enter the workforce as a commercial dump truck driver. There he would continue to bring cookies to co-workers and laborers at construction sites, garnering the trucker handle (nickname) of “Cookie”.

In 2010, Ray and his wife, Evlyn, licensed the business. The Ott’rageous Cookie Co. was officially born. The 10 years since Ray and Evlyn have provided cookies at numerous events all around the Hudson Valley, including street festivals, farmer’s markets, and even a craft fair or two.

The Ott’rageous Cookie Co. has been members of The Goshen Chamber of Commerce going back to 2013. The Goshen Chamber Farmer’s Market has always been one of their best markets year after year, and it only seems to be getting better.

For the 2020 season catch The Ott’rageous Cookie Co. at The Goshen Chamber Farmer’s Market, The Middletown BID Farmer’s Market, and Village of Monroe Farmers Market.

See our live interview: Ott’rageous Cookies at The Goshen Farmers’ Market 2019

Ott’rageous Cookies offers Purchase Online & Pick up at market for your convenience.

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