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Pancake Hollow Sugarworks at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

Pancake Hollow Sugarworks at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

Pancake Hollow Sugarworks at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

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At Pancake Hollow Sugarworks, we sell award-winning 100% Pure New York Maple Syrup and Maple Cream, primarily at local farmers’ markets, local farm stands, local grocers, and at annual local festivals. We also deliver in person locally as well ship nationwide and internationally.

Our products are better than others for several reasons, one being we bottle your syrup the same night we produce it. Each bottle bears the date of the Sap Run from which it came, as well as specific bottle numbers based on how many bottles we made that night. When we say we are small batch and artisan-made, we mean it. We don’t play games like other producers do, bringing in sap from out of state and calling it New York, nor do we bring in bulk syrup from a wholesale warehouse and bottle it as our own.

After a three-season apprenticeship in the Catskill Mountains with a long time local sugar maker, it was time to head back to Pancake Hollow road to start tapping trees I’ve had my eyes on since I was a child growing up behind Highland High School, on the backside, the cold side of the Illinois Mountain, part of the Marlboro Mountain Chain, foothill mountains of The Catskills a little closer to the Hudson River in the Lower Hudson Valley. The mountain soils are glacially deposited, the likely reason along with proper climate for incredible flavor profiled tree derived syrup.

For the last three years, this fledgling family-owned farm has been making award-winning maple syrup in the same building as award-winning craft beer makers Hudson Ale Works in the Village Hamlet of Highland, aka Town of Lloyd, which is directly across the Hudson River from Poughkeepsie. Our sugarhouse in the back of the brewery features side by side evaporator spitting out several hundred gallons of maple and black walnut syrup every spring.

Our goal is to provide our local community, New York City based as well as select national customers who appreciate the Hudson Valley’s bounty and seek its agricultural products out specifically. We take great pride in producing the highest quality product truly indicative of the world-class experience people expect from New York, USA.

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