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OC Distillery at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

OC Distillery at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

OC Distillery at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

Orange County Distillery is a farm distillery located in the Black Dirt Region of Orange County, New York. We believe that quality spirits can only be created from quality ingredients. Starting with our own crops, everything we need to create small-batch spirits is done right here on our farm. A true farm to bottle distillery.

Located on a fifth-generation farm in the black dirt region of Orange County, New York, we are a true farm to bottle craft distillery.  Our focus is on quality, not quantity.  We grow everything on our farm that we need to produce quality spirits.  Quality ingredients, small batches, hands-on processes.

We can pull a sugar beet out of the ground and turn it into vodka within a week.  Or take a bushel of corn and turn it into whiskey in the same amount of time.

If you ever want to know exactly where a bottle of our vodka, whiskey, or gin comes from, all you have to do is take a step out of our front door and look at our fields.  We’re pretty sure that if you ever had to define what a farm-to-bottle distillery is, Orange County Distillery is it.

Take a look below to see every step of our process, from growing to distilling to bottling and everything in between.  This is what a craft distillery should be.

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