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Mind, Body, Bath at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

Mind, Body, Bath at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

Mind, Body, Bath at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

As a creator of handmade natural skincare, soy candles, and gemstone jewelry, Mind, Body & Bath has been in operation since 2013. Our humble beginnings consisted of making soaps & jewelry. We traveled throughout NY, NJ, CT & PA to sell our goods at flea markets, in addition to maintaining a few wholesale accounts. About two years after our debut, we decided to expand our product line to include handmade natural anti-aging skin care products, lotions, soy candles, insect repellent, essential oils & perfumes.

Our popularity grew and we decided farmers’ markets were our best venue in which to maximize our sales. You can find Mind, Body & Bath at several farmers’ markets in the Hudson Valley, as well as in Westchester, Ulster & Sullivan counties. In addition, you can find our booth at various festivals and crafts show in New York State.

At Mind, Body & Bath, we pride ourselves on bringing fresh natural skincare & soy candles at very competitive prices. We’d rather make our products affordable to all so as to benefit everyone looking to improve their skincare and help the environment. Our soy candles give off very little soot & are made with 100% natural soy flakes. We don’t use dyes or any coloring additives in our candles, soaps & skincare.

We believe in using the least amount of non-essential ingredients to achieve optimal results. Our soaps are made with Olive oil, Coconut oIl, Shea Butter & Goat’s Milk. We don’t use synthetic dyes and package our soaps in paper, not plastic. Mind, Body & Bath is an environmentally conscious small business & we have always wrapped our soaps in paper made from hand-cut scrapbook paper. We do not use plastic. We have always used paper to wrap our soaps in rather than plastic.

Our line of hand creams, body oils & anti-aging skincare consists of skin-healthy oils such as Rosehip Seed, Grapeseed, Coconut, Olive, Argan & Sweet Almond OIls. Each of these oils contains a whole host of anti-aging & skin hydrating benefits. Our ever-popular Goat’s Milk & Shea Butter Hand Cream has Aloe Vera & honey added to it yielding a soothing and silky feel to the skin, never greasy or sticky. Our body oils and face serums are 100% pure oils. There is no water or alcohol added.

The oils glide onto the skin and absorb quickly which ensures massive hydration for the skin, along with full penetration of beneficial anti-oxidants.  Our anti-aging skincare line is gentle, yet extremely effective on the skin. We have many loyal customers that have been using our products for years! We also have created products in response to customer requests. For example, just 2 years ago, we introduced a natural insect repellent to our line as a request from several of our customers. We started making a natural insect repellent with heavily researched essential oils in a base of witch hazel & distilled water. The response was overwhelming and the feedback all positive. Our repellent works especially good at repelling mosquitos & ticks.

In addition, our handmade jewelry line focuses on the age-old art of wire-wrapping. Wire-wrapping was the first form of jewelry making. We wrap semi-precious stones, glass & ceramic beads in sterling silver, stainless steel & copper wire. The result is beautifully hand-crafted rings, pendants & bracelets all at affordable prices. Our selection is robust & we’re always adding new designs to our handmade jewelry selection!

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