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Laughing Gut Kombucha at Goshen Farmers’ Market 🛒💳

Laughing Gut Kombucha at Goshen Farmers’ Market 🛒💳

Laughing Gut Kombucha at Goshen Farmers’ Market 🛒💳

Brewer Adam Benziger began his career in the craft beer industry, but redirected his energies to Kombucha as the healthier beverage of choice. Along with his family, he established Laughing Gut in 2018. Kombucha is a tart and tangy fermented tea drink, low in sugar and gently carbonated.

Its popularity has steadily increased as educated consumers have become more attuned to gut health and Kombucha’s probiotic benefits, which add “good bacteria” to your digestive system.

Kombucha is made from a few basic ingredients – water, sugar, tea, and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast), yet every craft brewer puts their own distinctive spin on it. Laughing Gut focuses on types of teas (green, black, white, and oolong), enhancing the flavor with only organic herbs and spices – adding no fruit juices. We have created a balanced, uncomplicated brew where each ingredient is allowed to shine.

Laughing Gut is available in six flavors: Lavender; Chamomile & Mint; Star Anise & Orange Zest; and Green Tea. Our two recent additions are Rooibos Ginger and Butterfly Pea Flower – all flavors are available in 12oz sleek BPA-free cans and on tap. Kombucha in cans was a novel idea when Laughing Gut decided to go that route – and it’s fast becoming the trend.

New to the farmers market this year, our customers will have the option to enjoy refillable growlers in rotating flavors in 16 and 32 ounces, providing more Kombucha for our repeat patrons and first-time buyers!

2020 is an exciting year for the company as we move from our shared commercial space at the Poughkeepsie Open Kitchen to our own 1800sf brewery on Main Street in Poughkeepsie. The facility will include a tasting room where customers can refill growlers, purchase cans, and enjoy a glass, a flight, or limited edition flavors brewed exclusively for the tap room.

Laughing Gut’s tasting room will open its doors as the first Kombucha tasting room in Poughkeepsie, first in Dutchess County, and first in the Mid-Hudson Valley region!  Occupancy is slated for mid-summer.

Laughing Gut is available locally at coffee shops and cafes, health food stores, yoga and fitness studios, and grocery stores.

“Your Gut Will Be Laughing With Each Tasty Sip”


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