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Kas Spirits at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

Kas Spirits at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

Kas Spirits at Goshen Farmers Market 💳

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KAS Krupnikas is an artisanal, locally sourced, small-batch, honey-based liquor produced in the Putnam NY county town of Mahopac.

“Krupnikas” was created by Lithuanian monks in 16th century Eastern Europe.

For centuries it has been a popular & traditional toasting liquor in Lithuania & Poland. It is known for its smooth rich taste and signature honey spice blend. During the Soviet occupation Krupnikas production came to a halt, though the recipes survived in the oral histories of the generations that followed.

The current resurgence of interest in Krupnikas has led to modern interpretations of handed-down recipes, and the mixing of the traditional liquor with a variety of juices and mixers.

We take our family recipe seriously, use a neutral grain spirit base and fuse it with fresh local clover and wildflower honeys from New York State. Then we add our traditional family recipe of ten rich spices: Madagascar vanilla, fresh ginger root, allspice, whole cloves, caraway seeds, saffron, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg plus hand-peeled orange and lemon zest.

We absolutely do not use anything artificial in the production – no artificial colors or flavors. Only fresh. Only local. Krupnikas – by KAS Spirits.

It’s an old time Eastern European tradition crafted for a new generation and has found a new role in the canon of the craft-oriented bartender.

KAS blends perfectly with many classic cocktails like Bee’s Knees and Penicillin. Its unique and complex flavor elevates even the simplest recipes. KAS can stand up to the bitterness of an herbal digestif and the smokiness of Mezcal, or complement the caramel notes in bourbons and the crispness of gin.

NYC mixologists have created new cocktails with KAS at the corethe Jack & Diane (Miles, Brooklyn); the Tupelo Honey (Mar’s, Astoria). It is served at the Rainbow Room in the NBC Building and at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY. It has received 92 points by The Wine Enthusiast and featured in The New York Times.

We hope you will find it as smooth and rich as we do and make it your new tradition.

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