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Ice Capps Italian Ice at Goshen Farmers Market πŸ’³

Ice Capps Italian Ice at Goshen Farmers Market πŸ’³

Ice Capps Italian Ice at Goshen Farmers Market πŸ’³

Welcome to Ice Capps! I am so excited to tell you all about our homemade Italian Ices and Creams specialty shop. My storefront is new to Goshen, but my family has planted its roots here.

Originating in Brooklyn, NY, my parents moved our family to this community in 1992 where we were welcomed warmly and have loved ever since. My three brothers and I were raised here and I myself am bringing up my two young children right in the heart of Goshen. Any of you who already know my family knows our passion for food and for service. Growing up with my dad who was FDNY and my mom who was a waitress, my siblings and I were able to learn about the importance, as well as gratification, that comes with an attitude of servitude.

I take extreme pride in knowing that I also encompass my parents’ passion for serving others. I have been in the food industry since I was fifteen years old; half of my life: after graduating college I found myself back in the restaurant world doing what I love most, bringing people together through the joy of food. My schedule was causing me to spend a lot of time away from my children and family, so I decided that it was time to bring some of my homemade treats to our wonderful town.

To us, family is everything. I cannot find a better way to serve my community than by bringing families closer together. Ice Capps is doing this in the best way we know how to; by bringing refreshing and natural frozen desserts to you and the ones you love most.

When you choose Ice Capps, you can have a delicious treat made with the finest ingredients, plus the peace of mind in knowing that you are enjoying a natural product. We make our products using real fruit and natural ingredients to create our fresh flavors. We are introducing you guys to only a few of our flavors to ensure the freshest and best dessert for you.

If there is a flavor you would like, please contact me. If you have any questions, I am here to help. Don’t forget to treat yourself!

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