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Honeybrook Farms at Goshen Farmers’ Market 💳

Honeybrook Farms at Goshen Farmers’ Market 💳

Honeybrook Farms at Goshen Farmers’ Market 💳

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Honeybrook Farms is a family run apiary located in Pine Bush NY, in the lower hudson valley.

Todd & Wenche Widmark are co-owners, Todd doing the bee-keeping end and Wenche taking care of business and retail end. Todd has been a beekeeper for well over 50 years. He grew up in Gardiner NY on Widmark Farms. They served the area as a local honey provider as well as a popular tourist spot in its day. They not only sold local honey but also had a couple of pet bears that entertained the customers.

“We started Honeybrook Farms 10 years ago after we moved from Rockland County. The first place we sold honey was by Dolans fruit farm in Wallkill. We set up a tent and started selling on the weekends. We now have several bee yards in the area.

Todd tries to find areas that have different types of flowers so we can get different types of honey. Every year is different as to what and how much we get depending on the weather. Our main and biggest seller is Wildflower honey. Wildflower honey is very popular not only for its taste but because it is a natural help for seasonal allergies, which so many people are plagued within this area.

One of our other best sellers is Buckwheat Honey. Known for its medicinal properties. It is one of the healthiest kinds of honey available. It is a cough suppressant as well as loaded with antioxidants and iron. Bee-Pollen which is a superfood used for energy, allergies and a good source of vitamins, honeycomb, and bees’ wax are some of our other products.

Honeybrook Farm been part of the Goshen Farmers market now for several years and appreciate the customers who make the market a great place to shop and spend some time. We also do a couple of other markets as well as special events in the area.

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