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All-Natural Western Pure at Goshen Farmers Market

All-Natural Western Pure at Goshen Farmers Market

All-Natural Western Pure at Goshen Farmers Market

Western Pure Provisions was founded in 2017 to offer canine owners a true holistic, safe and healthy limited ingredient line of dog treats.   We are excited to kick off our second season at the Goshen Farmers Market.  The majority of commercial treats contain on average fifteen ingredients.  In comparison, Western Pure prides itself in a maximum of four ingredients from which our sweet potato and pumpkin are sourced from sustainable methods via US certified suppliers.  It’s a win-win for farmers because their product contained visual defects making their yield unsuitable for standard market; however, ideal in flour from which Western Pure slow bakes their treats.

Bison benefits – Sweeter, leaner, higher in protein as well as iron in comparison to beef

Why is Western Pure better?

  • A true limited ingredient product with no fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Exotic proteins like bison result in fewer allergies than Beef, Chicken and Turkey
  • Rich in Omega-3 – Natural anti-inflammatory & disease prevention
  • Sweet Potato and Pumpkin are test proven to maintain GI regularity

Western Pure products are dehydrated for ultimate safety and do not carry the risk of recall like semi-moist treats.   We currently offer two safe and healthy products:

Fresh sweet potato, pumpkin & bison

Kosher peanut butter & bison

Canines do love peanut butter.  Western pure uses only kosher certified domestic peanut butter.  Veterinarians prefer no added salt, sugar, or hydrogenated oil in your dog’s diet.  The result is a premium healthy, holistic, gluten and antibiotic free treat with no added hormones.

Compare Western Pure to Blue Buffalo’s Health Liver Treats which contain nineteen ingredients where chicken meal is listed as the fourth ingredient – junk food.  Your pup is part of your family and should not be fed chicken meal or any food that contains unhealthy meat byproducts.

Feed Healthy – Look for the Western Pure logo at the Goshen Farmers market this summer!

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